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The myth of mail order brides busted

It so happens that most of the times you cannot reach the right person by restricting yourself to your locality. That is when you end up settling down with the wrong person and probably lead a bitter life or end up in a divorce. However there is an alternative provided for this problem in the concept of mail order brides. The reason most people end up with the wrong partners is that they do not look far enough. Mail order brides agencies seek to correct this one habit that people have. This is one system where you can actually connect with people who are living in far distant lands and check out if they are right for you to spend your life with. 

However, most people look at the whole concept of mail order brides with a lot of cynicism and suspicion. Studies have shown that most of the mail order brides generally come from places like Russia and India which are relatively underdeveloped and poor. At the same time those men who prefer to go for mail order brides are generally from the richer countries and tend to be more affluent and rich.
That is exactly why there is a myth that has surfaced. According to this myth it is the rich men who tend to look for mail order brides because they want someone who can be submissive to them and docile. This implies that these men generally tend to look for someone amongst these mail order brides who can do their housework and be a subordinate. They are not looking for someone with whom they would want to interact on an equal level. At the same time prospective mail order brides tend to be nothing better than gold diggers looking for a rich man to fulfill their dreams of a better life. 
This is however a total myth. If you looked into the profiles of the mail order brides you would realize that most of these women enrolled as mail order bride are independent and have their own jobs. There are even some cases where these mail order brides generally tend to marry someone who is doing a job that pays less than their own jobs. In the underdeveloped nations the sex ratio tends to be highly misbalanced. That is why there is a shortage of men in these regions which prompts these women to seek beyond their country. In fact most people who have settled down with mail order brides are indeed happy and contented with their lives.