Privacy Statement

The following privacy statement is pertaining to the website Every registered member or prospective member has a right to know about the methods employed while collection and distribution of personal information. This statement covers all the necessary queries that could come up in the mind of a user.

Preliminary collection of information

When a user registers with this site, there is a registration form that needs to be filled up. Personal information like name, email address and residential address is collected. is the sole owner of this information presented. In case a user is not comfortable, it is optional for them to provide the whole information. However it must me kept in mind that this information is used by the site to provide the best of the services. So in case you want the best out of this website it is advisable to fill in the whole form.

Order Form

While registering it is essential for a member to fill in an order form. The user would be expected to provide personal contact as well as financial information in this order form. The personal information that a user would put in would be encrypted and protected by advanced security systems like Secure Sockets Layer. This information is used only in the process of providing the users with the services this site offers.

Third Party Websites

Our website does provide for third party advertisements to affiliate sites. If a user visits one of these third party sites from this site we would provide the third party website with that information. However the personal information of the user would not be disseminated to the mentioned site. It must be kept in mind however that this privacy statement does not cover the privacy policy of those third party sites.

Although we do not take any responsibility of member’s activities in these affiliate sites we still encourage them to read each of these sites’ privacy policy before providing them with any personal or sensitive information.

Tracking the usage

We do track certain usage trends and patterns of the users and registered members just for the sake of analysis and research. No personal information would be tracked for any other purpose. We simply make use of log files for the purpose.

Promotional offers and services

Once a user registers with us, we generally send a welcome email and notify all members about the services and products that they are liable to get from us. However there are many users who prefer not to get any such communication from our website. That is why we provide users with an option. However if the user would prefer to opt out then the user would not be able to get all the notification on the latest deals and special offers that the website would provide them with.

Our website does provide for newsletters. In case a user is interested in receiving this newsletter he or she would have to provide us with their personal contact information like the email address where we could send the newsletter.

Emergency Notifications

Once in a blue moon we might need to send emergency notifications like if our website is under construction or the like. It is on these rare occasions that we generally send our users email alerts. We do not provide users with a choice of signing out of this service. Yet if members are not interested they can simply deactivate their accounts.

Dissemination of personal information

All members who register with us can be sure that our website is the sole owner of the information provided to us. This information will not be further used for any other purpose.

  • Legal Disclaimer: Although we do ensure that this information is solely our property, if we have been provided with evidence that this information needs to be shared for the legal proceedings for the maintenance of law and order, then we share the information. Users and registered members should realize that this information is being shared in good faith.
  • Financial requirements: For the payment of our services we use the services of an external credit card company. However our terms with the company ensure that they cannot use, retain or store this information for any other purpose.

Policy concerning sensitive information

While dealing with our website you might be required to provide some sensitive information like your credit card details. We ensure that this information is encrypted with the one of the most advanced security software that is available in the market.

We also ensure a unique locking system when our users are on a secure page. While users move to a non secure page, our systems get automatically unlocked. We use Netscape Navigator for the purpose which is one of the most efficient security services.

Updating or deleting information

In case a member needs to change or delete their profiles or any part of their personal information provided, it could simply be done by contacting the website. The member would be required to email us at Customer support. Provisions of contacting through a telephone or postal service are also available for the users and registered members.

Deactivating premium membership

If the user is a premium member then usually the payment is automatically made through his or her account. In case such a member wants to cancel out their membership, they would have to inform our website so that we can take adequate steps to cancel out their recurring payments.

Friend referral programs

In case a user wants to refer a friend and provides the website with the friend’s personal information, we would ensure that this information is not further used for any other purposes. If the user’s friend does not want to sign up with our website then they would have to notify us. We would immediately take measures to remove the friends’ information from our database.

Change of privacy policy

In case we change any aspect of our privacy policy, we would send emails to all our members ensuring them of the same. In addition we also post notifications on appropriate pages of the website. However the notifications that would reach users would be sent in accordance to the original privacy policy.

If you still have any queries about our privacy policy, you could email us at Customer Support