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About Us

2-Brides isnโ€™t only a project; it is a service that helps find international love in a matter of several clicks. We collaborate with numerous trusted dating sites and resources and compile a rich database of foreign brides. While aggregating the mail order bride profiles from multiple websites, 2-Brides offers the most diverse and relevant pool of dating partners. There is no need to navigate multiple platforms searching for a perfect match โ€” you can do it all in one place by joining It is possible to message or get the contact information of any woman or man you see on the site. Therefore, it is possible to save much time and effort during your ideal partner search.

Our Mission

Being founded in 2004, 2-Brides managed to acquire high credibility in the dating industry. Our partners and users trust us, and our team does its best to provide the highest quality services and constantly improve our approach to selecting profiles and dating sites. Here are the main prerogatives of

  • Our team is aimed at providing the most updated and diverse database of potential partners so finding a compatible date will be a breeze.
  • We carefully check the profiles for authenticity, so you can be sure that you communicate with real users.
  • Our database of profiles includes people of multiple nationalities and age brackets, so it is rather easy to find a special person to your taste.

How We Select Profiles?

Thanks to the in-depth research our team constantly conducts, we remain at the forefront of the niche, consistently analyzing its dynamics. That is why we understand the preferences of our users and carefully select the best potential dates currently available online. Learn our methodology for how we select profiles and enjoy the best dating services.

  1. Our experts carefully analyze potential partners and create partnerships with the best mail order bride websites in the industry.
  2. When it comes to selecting a reputable platform, real user feedback is critical. The 2-Brides team examines the real user reviews to handpick the top partners.
  3. We have very strict parameters for profile selection. Well-detailed information and real photos are a must to be included in the personal pages of men and women.
  4. Our specialists quickly identify fakes, so you can be assured that you build relationships with people who have serious intentions.
  5. The safety and security of our users take precedence for our team. This is why we evaluate the security features of each mail order platform with special attention.

How Our Service Works?

In a nutshell, we are presenting the profiles which belong to us and the separate profiles which belong to our partners. We have already described the process of profile selection. If you have decided to pick the profile belonging to our partner, then you are directly transferred to their page.

There you will be going through the process of registration and profile setup. On the partnerโ€™s website, you will get the chance to connect to the desirable woman or man. Moreover, if you fill out the special form, you will be directed to the partnerโ€™s site which is designed specifically for your needs. You will encounter a large pool of females that coincide with your preferences and dating goals.

We realize that some users may not be satisfied with our partnerโ€™s sites. In this case, if youโ€™re one of those users you can contact us, notify us about your issue and we will instantly pick another platform for you.

We might even ask you additional questions to ensure we clearly understand your preferences in women or men, general dating aspirations, and dislikes to avoid. We desire to provide you with a pleasant experience of communication with the most compatible members who meet all your basic and profound needs.

Our Team

Having investigated the dating industry and reviewed dozens of popular dating services over two decades, we credit our amazing team with all the success weโ€™ve had during those years. 2-Brides would have never become one of the most reputable guides to international dating, often credited for our contribution to creating a safer and more effective dating environment.

The 2-Brides team consists of both established professionals from the online dating industry and employees from different career paths who have one thing in common: their passion for dating on the internet and their desire to continuously contribute to making online dating work in usersโ€™ favor.

Valerii Sharshavyi
Valerii Sharshavyi
Editor in Chief
Valerii Sharshavyi is an online dating expert and professional editor responsible for the quality and credibility of the articles on 2-Brides. He regularly teams up with other professional relationship researchers to bring the cream of the crop content to our readers.
Daisy Mae
Daisy Mae
Daisy Mae is an accomplished blogger, fiction writer, and online dating expert with the goal of helping lonely hearts connect. Daisy shares her research, advice from other experts, and her personal experience through her writing.
Laura Moriarty, a professional writer focused on dating and relationships, created her site to offer insights into finding compatible partners and nurturing healthy relationships. She shares her expertise, making the search for a spouse simpler and international relationships exciting.
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