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Japanese Mail Order Brides

2-Brides compiled profiles of the most gorgeous Japanese brides currently registered on reputable dating sites. We cooperate only with the most reputable platforms, so you can be sure that you browse through profiles of real ladies. This is your chance to find your Japanese wife by scoring through those profiles, so donโ€™t waste time!

Japanese Mail Order Brides
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Japanese Mail Order Bride Catalog 2024

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zhenzhen, 51
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Rosy, 28
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Emilia, 67
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Anne, 49
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Aimee, 59
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Lynn, 25
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Jessica, 31
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Mingming, 57
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Lisa, 20
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Marry, 47
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Anna, 26
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Jun, 42
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๐Ÿ’— Success rate in dating Japanese women90%
๐Ÿ’ฐ Average cost of Japanese mail order brides$4,000-$5,000
๐Ÿ‘ฐ๐Ÿผโ€โ™€๏ธ Average age of Japanese mail order brides19-24

How to Meet Japanese Girls โ€” Simple and Elegant Solution

So, you want to date brides from this country. It is easyโ€”the most effective approach is to use online communication. Hundreds of websites can offer you high-quality and diverse experiences with thousands of young and beautiful Japanese brides for marriage and serious relationships. Letโ€™s take a closer look at what you need to do to find a date from this country!

Choosing the Right Dating Website. The first step is to thoroughly research the platform you intend to use, gathering as much information as possible. Our website has proven trustworthy and effective, assisting thousands of Americans in their search for Japanese mail order brides and girlfriends. It features high-quality communication tools, diverse contact options, and a vast selection of beautiful and engaging Japanese singles!
Set Up Your Account. When you know what website you will use, it is time to start using it! The first thing you will need to do is register. Usually, it wonโ€™t take too much timeโ€”you will have to fill out a few fields. However, you then will have to set up your profile! This is very importantโ€”a profile is what your dates will see first. A profile page includes your photo, description, interests, and useful information about yourself. The trick is to write enough to look interesting, but not too much to reveal everything. Take some time, and fill out your profile right away. It is believed that men with detailed and descriptive profiles have more chances to find a suitable date.
Browse Profiles of Dates. After setting everything up, it is time for action! You will probably see a page with hundreds of photos of hot Japanese girls. Browse through profiles, visit girls that you like, and read their personal information. Usually, it is free to check out profiles of girls, so you can do it as much as you wish! Read profile descriptions to understand whether a girl is suitable for you or not. It can save you a lot of time and money!
Contact Ladies You Like. Whenever you find a potential date, donโ€™t hesitate and send her a message! You have to be quick and active all the time. If you see a girl that might become your girlfriend or even wife, contact her immediately.
Enjoy Your Time with Girls. That is basically itโ€”you set up everything on a dating website, search for a girl, contact her, and start dating her! Easy, quick, and affordable. You can have several dates at the same timeโ€”you can live chat with them simultaneously. You can look for serious relationships and seek the one and only however you wish. Online dating is a magical place that offers you endless opportunities!

How to Prepare for a Date with a Japanese Woman?

Preparing for a date with a foreign girl is an essential part of online dating. You need to know about a few things that may be different in Japan in terms of relationships, communication, and intercultural dating. Fortunately, we know how to help you meet the Japanese woman of your dreams, so donโ€™t worry!

  • Learn about dating culture in Japan. You have to know how people communicate and interact when dating. Online dating is very popular in this country, so this information will be useful.
  • Read your dateโ€™s profile. As we have mentioned above, profile pages contain everything you may need about your date. Such a page can help you find out the interests, preferences, and goals of your lady.
  • Learn a few words in Japanese. Although it is not necessary, using a few simple words in Japanese can break the tension and lighten the mood.

What to Do on a Date with a Japanese Girl

Now that you know all the technical details of finding a bride or date from Japan, letโ€™s take a look at actual dating and how it should be done. Brides from foreign countries may require a special approach when trying to build serious and long-term relationships with them. This section will help you find how to meet Japanese brides for marriage online quickly and easily! Here are 3 top tips about what to do on a date with a Japanese single:

  1. Ask about her family. Japanese people are family-oriented, so there is a high chance that your girl may live with her parents. Asking about her family can help you learn a lot about her life and can show that you are interested in her past. It is always a good idea to show that you care about a date.
  2. Tell them about your life. Your dates should not look like interviews. It should be a friendly conversation between two people who want to know more about each other. So, you should not only ask questions but also share something with your date. Donโ€™t tell anything too personalโ€”Japanese people have certain boundaries about what can and cannot be shared online and on the first couple of dates.
  3. Send your lady gifts and flowers. But donโ€™t try to โ€˜buyโ€™ her attention. Most dating sites will offer you the feature of delivering real presents and bouquets to your dates. While it is a great way to show your affection, donโ€™t overuse it with Japanese brides for marriage. Use it carefullyโ€”once a month would be more than enough!

These tips are not rulesโ€”you can do and act as you wish with a girl from this country. These are just helpful recommendations that you may or may not follow. However, they have proved to be useful and effective, so we highly advise you to at least consider them!

hot japanese girl

5 Entertaining Facts About Japanese Girls

  1. They are obsessed with skincare routines and are extremely beauty-focused. You will rarely find a Japanese girl who ignores the pampering of her skin, buying hundreds of creams and lotions.
  2. They can be very reserved in public. Japanese singles have been brought up to behave modestly around other people, so you will never see a Japanese woman yelling or making inappropriate gestures.
  3. They always look for a man for marriage. Even though they are not always showing it, statistics claim that 56.6% of Japanese mail order brides will often complain they suffer from a lack of a partner in their life.
  4. They capitalize on their good looks. A Japanese mail order bride will do her best to stand out among other potential candidates for marriage. Hot Japanese mail order brides realize that competition is high, so they need to take care of their appearance to be picked.
  5. They believe in the institution of marriage. In a world where many women have forgotten that marriages are made for life, beautiful Japanese singles set the record straight and make sure that their relations with their husbands are based on trust and mutual respect as they have been raised with the notion that the man is the head of the household.

Why are Japanese Women the Best Wives?

If you want to find a Japanese wife, you should know that Japanese women are a world of their own โ€” they have a culture that is unlike any other and differs greatly compared to other online singles. A Japanese mail order bride can indeed become the best wife, and here is why:

  • A Japanese mail order bride will always look glamorous. A Japanese mail order wife is always on the smaller side, so she will always maintain a youthful, slim figure. A Japanese lady will also follow a strict beauty routine, which means that your Japanese girlfriend will look like a doll made out of fine china even in the morning, a dream for Western men.
  • Japanese women are educated and intelligent. Nothing distinguishes Japanese women from other nations more than their intelligence. When you meet Japanese women on the best dating sites and in real life, you know that you are going to find local girls who are well-educated and knowledgeable about what is going on in Asian countries and Europe, so you will never run out of themes for conversation.
  • Japanese women value their families. Asian culture prioritizes family ties, so you can expect beautiful Japanese women for marriage to act accordingly and be faithful to their husbands no matter what happens. Single Japanese women make great wives mainly because they never cheat on their spouses, thus adding to the qualities of Asian beauty and promoting Japanese society as a country of loyal Japanese wives.
  • Japanese wives are not ruined by modern culture. Asian women are familiar with the Western way of life, but they do not have the crazy obsession with overcoming men or trying to compete with their husbands. Your future Japanese wife will be obedient, and compliant, and will always admit your right to wear the pants in the family and make the most important decisions, because after all, you are the head of the family and the household, and she should follow your lead as many Japanese women do.

How to Find a Japanese Bride? Exploring Options

So, you want to date Japanese mail order brides, and we can understand that, as Japanese women tend to charm others with their attitude, intellect, and charm. There are several ways to get to know mail order Japanese brides, and we are going to present you with a few of them today:

  1. Meeting an Asian wife through your social connections. Japanese mail order brides are very sociable, so if you have a friend who knows pretty Japanese singles that you can date for marriage, you can ask them to arrange a special occasion just for the two of you.
  2. Starting a relationship with Japanese girls in the Land of the Rising Sun. This is one of the most obvious choices to meet your Japanese mail order girlfriend. You visit Japan and attempt to learn the cultural differences between nations as you become familiar with the type of guys Japanese brides prefer.
  3. Finding Japanese girls on Japanese dating sites. You can always find Japanese brides online, which is an excellent way to contact a foreign lady for a legitimate marriage. Although the first two options are also possible, we suggest you meet Japanese girls online as it does not require you to travel to the Land of Cherry Blossoms or spend money on Japanese brides online who are not there for a serious relationship. With online dating sites, you have a chance to select from the catalog of pretty Japanese singles to marry. Another reason online dating services are more effective is the fact that you can contact two or three Japanese ladies at the same time to decide whether sexy Japanese women are your cup of tea.

What You Should and Shouldnโ€™t Do on a Date with a Japanese Bride

  • Spend as much time with your Japanese girlfriend as you can. She will see this as a sign of affection and will accept you as her future foreign husband.
  • Show respect for her personal space. Most Japanese ladies are not used to foreign men approaching them in broad daylight, so you should maintain a respectful distance when talking to them for the first time.
  • Be rude and use swear words, a Japanese girl doesnโ€™t like it and will want to run away from you as soon as possible.
  • Touch a Japanese woman without her permission. A beautiful Japanese woman will not tolerate Western men hugging her or grabbing her hand without her consent.

Are There Language Difficulties with Japanese Brides?

Whether you met your Japanese bride on niche dating sites or popular online dating platforms, you should know that these women for dating are mostly well-educated, so there will be no language barriers between the two of you.

However, you should also keep in mind that some brides on international dating sites have just started learning English, so it is best if you avoid using complicated phrases and words and begin the conversation with something simple. For example, you might say โ€œHello, my name is Michael, Iโ€™m 44, and I work in the gaming businessโ€. With time, you will understand whether your mail order bride from Japan understands you well enough to maintain a proper conversation.

meet japanese brides

Japanese Mail Order Brides: Is Age Important?

Japanese mail order brides that you meet on online dating websites are not very concerned with the age gap in your relationship. They want to date real gentlemen who will treat them with kindness and respect, and in this regard, age difference is not much of an issue. You can rest assured that Japanese wives are not opposed to the idea of marrying someone who is 15 or 20 years older than them, as long as they get to be with a man who cherishes their presence in his life and makes them the center of his world.

The Standard Cost of a Japanese Bride

online dating
Online dating:
$100 a month
Gifts and flowers:
up to $1000
Travel to your bride
Travel to your bride:
from $80 per night
Public transport
Public transport (10 rides):
  • Dating site. Getting your membership on the dating site will cost you around $100 a month, so you can spend enough time on communication and avoid Japanese bride scams as you choose a reliable dating platform with video chat options and photo exchange.
  • Flying to Japan. If you decide to buy a legit mail order bride from Japan, it will cost you around $800-$1,000 to fly to the Land of the Rising Sun (the price of the ticket may also depend on the season and whether it is a direct flight).
  • Living in Japan. Your Japanese girlfriend may be too reserved to invite you to stay at her place, so the best option would be to choose a decent hotel to live in, with the average price for a hotel room in Tokyo starting from $80 per night.
  • Gifts and entertainment. You will be expected to spend an adequate amount of time and money on your Japanese mail order bride as you take her shopping and visit fancy places to eat in Osaka, Yokohama, Kyoto, or Tokyo. $1,000 will be enough to make sure your bride is happy.
  • Fiancรฉ visa. The fiancรฉ visa will cost you approximately $1,200 for a petition, so make sure you handle this issue ahead of time and deliver all the necessary documents to the US embassy beforehand.

Total Japanese mail order bride cost:: $4,000-$5,000

The Legality of Marriages with Japanese Brides

Marrying a Japanese mail order bride is legal and can be achieved by meeting the brides on reliable dating sites. The probability of coming across a scam on such dating sites is minimal, and you will have a chance to purchase a legitimate beauty from the Land of the Cherry Blossoms so you can take her to your country and register for an official marriage.

Possible Risks of Dating Japanese Wives and How to Avoid Them

To make sure your online dating journey with Japanese brides is 100% safe, we recommend following these tips and listening to your intuition:

  • Never send money online. No matter what you feel when messaging your Japanese girlfriend, you should instantly become suspicious the second she asks you about delivering cash to her account.
  • Arrange a video chat. If you are not sure about the identity of your Japanese mail order bride, we strongly advise you to organize a video call with your future Japanese wife to know if her appearance matches the description.
  • Never share too much information. We understand that it can be hard to hold back when you are interacting with Japanese brides online, but sharing too many personal details may compromise your presence on the online dating site.


A mail order bride from Japan is your best choice if you like ladies with excellent manners and flawless appearance. These women have a humble attitude but are not afraid to talk to a foreigner if they really like you. Do not go for mail order brides from Japan if you are the laid-back type who wants Asian women to be confident, assertive, and make the first step โ€” Japanese women expect the guy to be the one to approach them and start a conversation. Donโ€™t waste your time any longer: browse through the profiles of gorgeous Japanese women today or take a personalized quiz to find the best online dating service for you.

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