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Dutch Mail Order Brides

Dutch Mail Order Brides
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Do you experience exuding appeal toward Dutch brides? Indeed, these ladies possess plenty of features that evoke awe in men. Aside from being irresistibly attractive, these women are determined regarding both life goals and relationships. Check out the prominent perks of dating the Netherlands women for marriage and get inspired by the valuable tips to strengthen your bonds.ย 

Women population in the Netherlands8.9 million
Average marriage age27 y.o.
Success rate in dating Dutch brides95%

Top Facts About Dutch Mail Order Brides

Take a deeper dive into the lifestyle and prerogatives of Dutch mail order brides while scouring through the facts and statistics. This information will definitely come in handy if you seek a partner abroad.ย 

  • According to statistics, in the Netherlands in 2023, approximately 1.67 million single women were living on their own. 36% of all female representatives are looking for a partner online.
  • As per the results of this Ipsos survey, Dutch participants felt that hard work, confidence, and intelligence were necessary for women in their country to succeed.ย  Having a good sense of humor and political connections were not seen as highly significant.
  • The duration of marriage in the Netherlands is quite long. According to Statista, last year, almost 60,000 couples celebrated their 12.5th anniversary; 46,000 couples managed to live together for 40 years, and 16,000 couples have been married for 60 years together.

What Makes a Dutch Woman the Best Wife?

What are Dutch women like? If you are interested in Dutch wives for sale as life partners, you will need to get familiar with aspects that make these women excellent wives. Go ahead!

Beautiful Dutch wives are incredibly alluring. Hot Dutch women stand out in any crowd with their easy elegance, which is both welcoming and refreshing. Their carefree charm stems from their naturally messy hair, which is frequently sun-kissed blonde.ย 
Foreign Dutch brides are reliable and supportive. Local girls will always stick by the side of their sweethearts, even through the worst of times. Your Dutch lady will always find the right words to lift your mood and infuse your life with love and happiness.ย 
Pretty Dutch women have a zest for living. These ladies are really active and are all about trying new things, whatever the case. Donโ€™t be taken aback if your wife asks you to spend weekends hiking in the mountains or participating in a bile ride contest.ย 

Where to Find a Dutch Wife?

If you are into finding beautiful Dutch women for marriage, you will need to get familiar with the best sports for your love-seeking destination. While it may seem like a great idea to organize your trip to the Netherlands and meet single Dutch girls, this method implies numerous pitfalls. Aside from being rather costly, it appears to be hardly effective. Moreover, how can you guess where your soulmate exactly resides or goes out?

Another method to meet Netherland mail order brides is to head over to a reputable dating website and complete the registration. Dedicated platforms provide users with all the necessary tools to find the best Dutch singles without contributing much time or effort. It is even possible to communicate with several girls simultaneously to choose your significant other based on your relationship goals.ย 

How to Date Dutch Women for Marriage?

Would you like your romantic journey with a potential Dutch wife for sale to be as productive as possible? Check out some doโ€™s and donโ€™ts that will help you mesmerize your partner and avoid common dating mistakes.ย 

  • Be open-hearted while dating Dutch singles, since these ladies quickly recognize fakes.
  • Please your lady with compliments from time to time, even if you communicate with your Dutch woman online.
  • Demonstrate your real intentions. If you donโ€™t want to marry Dutch girls but are all about flirty encounters, just give a hint about that at the beginning of your relationship.
  • Donโ€™t lie to a Dutch bride, since it will result in total disappointment.
  • Avoid overdoing it with boasting since your partner may think that you are too vain and narcissistic.
  • Refrain from making empty promises. Beautiful Dutch women canโ€™t stand shallow pledges.

Is There a Language Barrier with Dutch Brides?ย 

If you want to buy Dutch mail order brides, you will probably hit the jackpot when it comes to mutual understanding. English is the main business language in the Netherlands, and 90% of the population speaks it fluently. The Dutch are the world leaders in English as a second language proficiency, according to the most recent EF English Proficiency Index. This means that you will hardly experience a language barrier with your future partner from this country.ย 

How Much Do Dutch Mail Order Brides Cost?

Since both online and offline dating involve some costs, you should think about your budget if you are keen to find Dutch girls. Here is a brief overview of the possible costs associated with your dating experience.

online dating
Online dating:
$200 per month
Travel to your bride
Trip to the Netherlands
$1,000 per week
Entertainment & food

Are Marriages with Dutch Brides Legal?

If you are going to marry a Dutch bride, it is necessary to apply for a marriage-based green card, also known as lawful permanent residence. Making sure you fulfill all eligibility requirements and adhere to the particular steps specified by US Citizenship and Immigration Services (USCIS) is crucial. In this case, your marriage with a Dutch bride is legit and she can continue the process of immigration to the US.ย 

Does Age Difference Matter to Dutch Brides?ย ย ย ย 

According to Statistics Netherlands, the man was older than the woman in about 70% of the 63 thousand marriages that took place in the Netherlands in 2023. Although there is typically not much of an age gap, in over 2,000 marriages, the groom was at least 15 years older than the bride. The Statistics Office states that it is uncommon for brides to be that much older than their grooms in the Netherlands. Nevertheless, ladies registered on international dating websites donโ€™t mind creating romantic connections with older foreign men.

How to Avoid Risks when Searching for Dutch Brides?

Imagine you meet a beautiful Dutch woman on a dating site. What are the best tips to protect your privacy when communicating online?

  • Use the services of reputable dating sites.ย 
  • Never send money to a lady you have met online.ย 
  • Avoid showing off nudity in front of the webcam.ย 
  • Avoid revealing your contact information to strangers you meet online.ย 


The bottom line of this overview is that loyal Dutch girls deserve praise for their family approach, single-minded nature, and flexibility. Donโ€™t waste your time and browse profiles you can see on this page or check out the quiz that will help you meet your significant other.ย 

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