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Mail Order Brides From Asia

2-Brides connects you with remarkable Asian women seeking romantic connections. We partner only with trusted dating platforms known for their authenticity and reputation. Explore a diverse range of profiles showcasing the beauty and charm of Asian women. Discover shared interests, cultural insights, and the possibility of a lasting connection across borders.

Mail Order Brides From Asia
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Asian Mail Order Bride Catalog 2024

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Pinky Mutiara, 25
Indonesia, Serang
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Jiraporn, 26
Thailand, Bangkok
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Liping Li, 27
China, Wenshan
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Rudee, 35
Thailand, Bangkok
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Alex, 20
Philippines, San Fernando
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Yanran, 41
China, Chengdu
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Lianfang, 22
China, Guangzhou
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Anne, 28
Philippines, Pagasinan
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Fendi Jiang, 43
China, Chongqing
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Divero, 27
Philippines, Caloocan
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Jessiel, 29
Philippines, Bacolod City
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Tizon, 22
Philippines, Makati City
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Top Facts About Asian Women for Marriage

๐ŸŒŽ Top countriesChina, Japan, Philippines
๐Ÿ‘ฐ๐Ÿผโ€โ™€๏ธ Marriage age31
๐Ÿ’ฐ Cost of brides$5,000+

When you communicate with someone online, you need to understand their characteristics. When it comes to Asian beauties, it can be difficult to understand another culture. Here are a few helpful facts that will give you a better understanding of what they are like โ€” Asian mail order brides!

  • Asian Girlfriend is Rather Shy and Passive. It is very common for Asian women for marriage to be rather shy and passive when it comes to communication. Indeed, a lot of girls, especially from China and Vietnam, tend to be rather shy on first dates with foreign men. You just need to be aware of that and be patient. In fact, Asian brides are the most popular in the world, so you just need to spend more time on initial communication. Once your beautiful Asian wife gets used to you, she will be more active in communication.
  • Asian Girls Care About How They Look. There is no point in denying that Asian singles are very attractive. Japanese and South Korean mail order brides are considered the most beautiful women in the world. Asian wives are usually petite and tender. Asian brides have dark hair and brown eyes. While most Asian brides may have different skin colors, their skin is often silky smooth, and healthy. And beautiful Asian girls spend a lot of time and resources to look stunningly beautiful at any age!
  • Asian Girls Are Looking for a Family-oriented Man. Another truth about Asian ladies is that Asian brides are looking for serious relationships. Hot Asian women want to start a new chapter of their lives with a man who has serious intentions, so keep that in mind!

What Qualities Make Asian Ladies Perfect Wives?

Thousands of Western men get married to Asian women every single year, so letโ€™s take a look at why so many Asian brides decide to commit to a relationship with an Asian girl that often!

  1. Family is everything to Asian brides. Women from China, Japan, the Philippines, Thailand, and other countries share the same values for families. Most girls are looking for serious relationships when become mail order brides, so you can be sure that your Asian lady will help you build a happy family!
  2. Lots of girls can be passive and submissive. If you are looking for a housewife, then seeking an Asian bride is the right thing to do. Girls from this region can follow their men. But donโ€™t mistreat your Asian women, as Asian girls will never forgive you for that!
  3. Brides from Asia are hard-working. Asian mail order brides are passionate and hard-working. Asian brides will do everything as it should be, so you can be sure that having an Asian wife means being with a woman who will devote herself to your relationships.

Where to Meet an Asian Mail Order Bride?

If you are interested in Asian wives, then you have two options: offline dating and find an Asian online. Both of these options are viable, but we believe that using a dating platform is a better option. Letโ€™s take a look at what offline dating can offer you first, though. So, you can fly to China, Japan, Thailand, South Korea, or any other country where you can find Asian brides. But, it will take you a lot of time and money to find exactly what you want.

Traveling to Asian countries is expensive, especially if you are looking for Japanese or Chinese girls. You need to understand that the language barrier, a problem that is common in Asian countries, will be one of your major pains in the head.

On the other hand, you can choose to seek oriental women online by using a dating site. Dating Asian women online is great because you can learn how Asian girls think, act, and communicate there. Dating sites to meet average Asian woman can help you understandย 

Asian societies are better, thus, making your dating experience less challenging. And there are a lot of Asian mail order women who use sites to meet Asian beauties.

There are many dating sites that can help you find and marry an Asian lady. It will take some time, but it will be much quicker than seeking an Asian bride offline. And the cost of online dating is very small. So, online dating can allow you to meet a beautiful Asian woman without any problems. Of course, after finding an Asian bride, you will have to meet her offline, but you will already know her to make such a step!

meet asian brides online

What to Do to Have a Great Date with a Single Asian Woman?

As you may already understand, to build a happy relationship with a foreign woman, you need to know quite a lot. And in this section, we are going to offer you a few more tips on how to make your communication with an Asian mail order bride even better.

  • Be patient and take your time. Asian females can get rather shy on first dates with a foreign man. You just need to accept that and be ready for rather chilly communication at first. Once your bride learns about you more, she will become more open to a conversation.
  • Learn about your dateโ€™s Asian cultures. Different Asian countries have different traditions and customs for communication. And you donโ€™t want to confuse your Thai bride for Chinese brides. So, learn a few things about your future wifeโ€™s background: culture and history will suffice.
  • Ask a lot of questions but also talk about yourself. Men from Western countries often make the same mistake: they treat an online date as an interview. Communication with an Asian wife should flow naturally. You should learn as much as you can about an Asian bride, but she should also learn who you are and what you want.
  • Forget about all the stereotypes you know about mail order Asian brides. Such information can simply ruin any chances of finding someone special. You might treat them as American women or European women who look differently.

Can There Be a Language Barrier with Asian Brides?

Yes, it can be. Asian singles donโ€™t always have perfect English, so you need to prepare for potential difficulties in communication. Even though many beautiful Asian women try to learn English and master communication, it is not always like that. And while text-based interactions are usually decent, when an Asian dating site has video or audio chats, things can go wrong. Our advice would be to be patient and choose a communication form that is more convenient for your oriental brides.

Meet Attractive Singles

Can Age Difference Impact Relationship with an Asian Bride?

Not at all. Women from Asia are eager to marry any man as long as he is from Western countries. Often, you can see young and hot Asian ladies with mature Western men. The age difference wonโ€™t impact any stage of your relationships, so regardless of how old you are, you have great chances of finding and marrying a woman from Asia! American and European men are very popular among mail order Asian brides, so you will easily find an Asian date online!

How Much Do Asian Mail Order Brides Cost?

Before we break down the cost of finding and marrying an Asian mail order wife, it is important to clarify what it means to buy a bride online. At the same time, this term might look like something illegal, in reality, to buy a mail order bride means to spend money on various features available on international dating websites.ย 

When you sign up on a dating site and find a girl that you want to marry, once you spend money on a premium membership or a credit package, you are buying a mail order bride. And to successfully buy a bride, you have to marry her, or at least meet in real life.

Here are the average expenses of seeking a mail order bride from an Asian country:

online dating
Online dating:
$200 per month
Gifts and flowers:
up to $300
Travel to your bride
Travel to your bride:
$2,000 to $3,000
up to $400
Public transport
Public transport (10 rides):

These numbers are very abstract and donโ€™t represent the real state of affairs.

Can You Legally Marry a Woman from Asia?

Yes, mail order bride services are legal in all Western and Asian countries except for the Philippines. Interestingly, the Philippines is the most popular country with mail order brides, which is the reason for this service to be prohibited there. However, the entirety of the process of finding and marrying a woman from a different country is legal. Basically, the site offers you a list of profiles of real Asian mail order wives. You choose any girl, communicate with her, and organize a real-life date. The rest is up to you and your bride.

How to Avoid Getting Scammed while Seeking Asian Mail Brides?

One of the biggest problems with online dating is the amount of scammers. There are too many fake websites, fraudulent platforms, fake profiles, and people who just want to scam you. This is why spending as much time researching a platform you wish to use is essential. The more time you spend, the better your online dating experience will be. Now, letโ€™s take a look at the 5 steps that will help you avoid getting scammed while seeking an Asian woman for marriage:

  1. Research a dating site. The more you know about the platform, the less likely you will get scammed. Donโ€™t use websites that have no reputation online.
  2. Date only girls who have detailed and interesting profile pages. Scammers usually create fake profiles even on real online dating sites, so you need to ensure that the Asian girl you are talking to is a real woman.
  3. Communicate only on the site. If a lady from an Asian country sends you a link to another site to continue communication, she might be a scammer.
  4. Never send money or personal information to girls. The purpose of the best Asian dating sites is to help you find true love. Girls are usually forbidden to ask for money, so if she does, she might be a scammer.
  5. Before meeting an Asian bride in real life, spend enough time dating her online. To avoid getting heartbroken and scammed, spend as much time online as possible to learn who your future wife really is.


We hope that this journey in the world of Asian dating has been helpful! It is not difficult to start seeking an Asian woman online, and all you need to do is follow this guide and sign up on a dating website. Your Asian single is waiting for you, and you are just a few steps away from her. Donโ€™t hesitate, and start looking for her right now!

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