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Yemenese Mail Order Brides

Yemeni dating is a more popular trend than you may realize. Thousands of Western men are actively looking for a Yemeni wife or girlfriend, and most of them succeed. But why exactly are beautiful Yemeni women for marriage so coveted by men? We will answer this question in detail with our guide to Yemen brides.

Yemenese Mail Order Brides
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Average marriage age18.2 y.o.
Average cost of Yemeni bride$3,500-$5,000
Success rate in dating Yemeni brides93%

Top 3 Facts About Yemeni Women for Marriage

What are single Yemeni brides really like? You can only get the complete picture once you actually meet them, but these three facts are a good place to start:

  • Hot Yemeni girls are stunning: their faces have beautiful features, their bodies are feminine and fit, and they donโ€™t need heavy makeup or revealing clothes to show it.
  • Yemeni women are kind and considerate: they will never intentionally make you uncomfortable or upset, as their goal is to keep you happy.
  • Loyal Yemeni brides are strictly monogamous and want to find a partner for life, meaning youโ€™ll have nothing to worry about fidelity-wise.

What Makes Yemen Brides the Best Wives?

Yemen dating can be a fantastic experience, but marrying a Yemeni woman is like winning a jackpot in life, and here is why:

A Yemeni wife is prepared to spend the rest of her life catering to the needs of her loved ones โ€” mainly, her husband and children.
Yemeni wives are brought up with the notion that all housework is the womanโ€™s prerogative, and they are not trying to change that.
You can tell your Yemeni wife anything and expect nothing but understanding and support in return, with zero judgment or blame.

Where to Find Yemen Girls in USA?

As a US citizen, you probably donโ€™t meet a lot of hot Yemeni singles out in the wild, but that can easily change. The first option you have is to go to Yemen and try to meet women there. The downside is that itโ€™s expensive, takes time, and can often be unsafe. The other option is to use online dating. There are countless Yemeni women for marriage and dating using international dating sites, which makes it easy to meet them and develop a relationship.ย 

Yemeni Girls Dating Tips: The Top 5

For Yemeni girls marriage is only possible when they truly know and trust someone, and the best way to achieve that is by investing effort into the dating stage. Here is how to make sure your Yemeni bride falls in love with you:

  1. Ask her opinion about everything and actually pay attention to what she says.
  2. Behave like a proper gentleman, from your language to your displays of chivalry.
  3. Meet her family early in the relationship to assure them that your intentions are genuine.
  4. Show deep respect for your brideโ€™s beliefs and worldview, and donโ€™t expect her to change them for you.
  5. Donโ€™t drag out the relationship for too long: most Yemeni women expect a proposal in about a year from the first connection.

Is There a Language Barrier With the Yemeni Women for Marriage?

The official language of Yemen is Arabic, and English does not have any official status here, unlike many foreign countries. And itโ€™s safe to say that it can take years to master Arabic as a non-native speaker. The good news is that young Yemeni women determined to find a foreign husband are more likely to also have a certain grasp of English, creating the basis for smooth communication.

How Much Do Yemen Brides Cost?

Technically, you cannot buy yourself a Yemeni wife. At the same time, the experience of dating and marrying Yemeni singles does not come for free. Your expenses will be broken down into two groups:

  • Premium access to the dating site of your choice, in the form of either membership or credits. This costs $50-$300 on average.
  • Traveling to Yemen to meet your bride, which includes everything from plane tickets to restaurant bills. You can expect to spend about $3,500 for a two-week trip.

Are Marriages With a Yemeni Wife Legal?

Yes, absolutely. Despite Yemen being a fairly exotic and distant country, there are no laws prohibiting Yemeni women marriage for foreigners. You will even have a choice to get married either in Yemen or in the US. The only thing your decision will impact is what kind of visa your Yemeni bride will need. Most Yemeni girls in USA go there on a K-1 visa, so thatโ€™s the choice you will likely go for as well.

Does Age Difference Matter to a Yemeni Bride?

Yemen is an Islamic country, and a very traditional one as well. Most women here grow up in families where the father is at least a few years older than the mother, and thatโ€™s the family structure a Yemeni bride wants to carry into her own family. So no, age difference will never be a problem with a Yemeni girl for marriage, so there is nothing to worry about in this regard.

How to Avoid Risks When Meeting Yemeni Women for Marriage Online?

Using Yemen dating and marriage sites is generally safe when you use legit sources while selecting a website to join. Still, some rules of safe online dating apply here as well:

  1. Take a good look at the profile of the woman you want to contact to make sure it looks genuine instead of automatically generated.
  2. Avoid sharing too much of your personal information and donโ€™t share it at all with someone youโ€™ve just met online.
  3. Never send money to a woman youโ€™ve only talked to online and consider it a big red flag if she asks for any.

Bottom Line

By now, any reservations you may have had about legit Yemeni girls dating have probably been replaced by curiosity and a sincere desire to meet them. And there is no better place to start your journey through Yemen dating than our site. Check out our featured profiles of Yemen brides or take our quiz to better understand what to do next.

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