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Portuguese Mail Order Brides

If you are all about international dating, you shouldnโ€™t skip over beautiful Portuguese brides. Portuguese women are pure joy to be around โ€” they are sincere, incredibly honest, and constantly willing to spend exciting time with their partners. Are you wondering if your soulmate could be one of the hot Portuguese mail order brides? Well, letโ€™s learn their features and dating tendencies together and see.

Portuguese Mail Order Brides
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Women population in Portugal5.17M
Average marriage age32.4
Success rate in dating Portuguese brides98%

Top Facts About Portuguese Mail Order Brides

Single Portuguese girls for marriage will definitely impress you. You know why? Just look through these statistics and facts and you will discover the reason.ย 

  • A lot of ladies from this country are looking for cross-cultural relationships. Statistics show that in Portugal, marriages with people of foreign nationality account for 11.6% of all marriages.
  • Dating Portuguese women will be a breeze for Western men since they adhere to modern relationship patterns. Thus, they value gender equality and are all about showcasing their feelings whatever the case.
  • While browsing Quora digests, it is safe to say that pretty Portuguese singles are romantic and affectionate. They are all about bringing warmth and happiness to their love affairs.

What Makes a Portuguese Woman the Best Wife?

If you want to meet Portuguese girls and build profound bonds with them, you will certainly need to discover what they are like in relationships and what makes them excellent wives.ย 

Perfect balance between their careers and families. Despite having jobs and all, they do not spend their days lounging around the house. Instead, they possess an enchanted talent for maintaining order in both their personal and professional lives.
Supportive and caring wives. Choosing Portuguese women to marry means hitting the jackpot that will bring understanding and support to your family life. These ladies value mutual respect and donโ€™t insist on their opinions.ย 
Respect and equality. Loyal Portuguese girls have a wonderful talent for treating their partners well. They emphasize equality and compromise. Therefore, if you are interested in being treated with dignity, a Portuguese lady might be the ideal match.

Where to Find a Portuguese Wife?

Want to find Portuguese women but have no idea how to start your love search? Weโ€™ve covered it for you. Actually, you will have two proven ways to meet your perfect match among these ladies. Guess which of these methods works more effectively?

  • Online dating. Join a legit Portuguese mail order brides website and make use of all its features to find your ideal match. With the messaging and precise search functions, you will undoubtedly run into your soulmate.
  • Offline dating. It is a more costly method of meeting foreign Portuguese women. You will have to come to Lisbon or Porto and work up the nerve to approach women in public. The chances are that you wonโ€™t cross paths with your sweetheart while traveling, though.

How to Date Portuguese Women for Marriage?

There are numerous Portuguese women looking for men abroad. But how to find the right approach to them? We distinguished some things to do and avoid doing for your hassle-free dating ventures.ย 

  • Praise her efforts to make your relationships more fulfilling.
  • Date a Portuguese bride passionately, revealing all your intentions.
  • Change the activities during your dates to make your encounters more fascinating.
  • Donโ€™t confuse the fact that local women speak Portuguese, not Spanish.
  • Avoid trying to calm down their passionate nature.
  • Knowing nothing about the local culture wonโ€™t give you an additional point.

Is There a Language Barrier with Portuguese Brides?ย 

You will find plenty of ladies who speak decent English in popular tourist destinations like Lisbon or Porto. However, not many local women are fluent in English, so there might be a language barrier when you first start dating. Nevertheless, when you communicate with Portuguese brides online, you shouldnโ€™t worry about breakdowns in communication since the majority of ladies have enough English-speaking skills for dating.ย 

How Much Do Portuguese Mail Order Brides Cost?

If you are looking for a bride, Portuguese ladies may be perfect candidates for creating meaningful connections since they arenโ€™t demanding. That being said, you can always initiate contact online first to save even more on your dating experience. Here is a list of possible expenses.ย 

online dating
Text communication and advanced features onย  the best Portuguese brides websites:
$250 per monthย 
Travel to your bride
A trip to Lisbon:
$900 for a round ticket from New York
Hotel fees:
$700 for a two-week stay
Food, restaurants:
Public transport
$200 (transfer from the airport + taxi services)

Are Marriages with Portuguese Brides Legal?

How to marry a Portuguese woman? Actually, it is pretty easy to do it legally if you keep a couple of rules in mind. Civil law governs marriage in Portugal, and prospective spouses have to adhere to the legal requirements. You must apply for a K-1 visa if you wish to bring your spouse with you to the United States.

Getting a visa is a rather difficult and drawn-out process. Nevertheless, it will allow your future wife to stay in the US until you get married (90 days). After organizing all the documentation properly, your wife may continue the immigration process.ย 

Does Age Difference Matter to Portuguese Brides?

Each Portuguese mail order bride registered on dedicated sites is ready for any relationship scenario, including age-gap marriages. The thing is that local ladies adore mature men who have already determined their goals. That is why these girls prefer older husbands.ย 

How to Avoid Risks When Dating Portuguese Brides?

Meeting a Portuguese lady online will be a more hassle-free process if you follow these tips.ย 

Avoid registering on websites that offer you to buy Portuguese mail order brides.
Check out the reputation of the dating site before investing money in your dating experience.ย 
Showing nudity in front of the webcam is a no-go option unless you want to become a victim of blackmail.ย 


What can be better than dating a beautiful Portuguese woman? โ€” Only marrying her. If you are looking for a partner from this country, there is no need to search elsewhere. Check out the profiles of these cuties on our site and click on the Quiz to find out which type of ladies may match you best.