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Singapore Mail Order Brides

Singapore is not an overly big country, but beautiful Singapore singles are pretty well-known in the international dating arena. Thousands of Western men looking for foreign brides end up with a Singapore lady. Want to know if Singapore brides are right for you and how to get one? Weโ€™re here to share all the facts.

Singapore Mail Order Brides
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Average marriage age28.8 y.o.
Average cost of Singapore bride$5,000-$7,500
Success rate in dating Singapore brides87%

Top 5 Facts About Singapore Brides

A Singapore bride is full of surprises, and if everything goes well, you will have a lifetime to learn all of her secrets. However, if youโ€™re only beginning your research into the wonderful world of Singapore brides, here are a few facts to get you started:

  • Singapore women are uniquely beautiful: their dark hair and dark eyes stand out perfectly against their pale skin, and their petite but feminine bodies look fantastic in any clothes.
  • Singapore girls are both modern-thinking and traditional: they donโ€™t mind modern trends and most of them work, but their romantic relationship and family will always come first for them.
  • A Singapore bride is honest and sincere. When she says something, you can 100% believe her, as these women are simply incapable of not being completely open with their partners.

What Makes a Singapore Bride the Best Wife?

Now that you know what attracts guys to Singapore ladies in the first place, letโ€™s see why Singapore women for marriage in particular are so popular globally:

Singapore wives are deeply loyal: once they settle down with someone, they intend to spend the rest of their lives with that lucky person.
A Singapore wife will give you the family youโ€™ve always wanted, raising the kids you have together and making sure you want to come home as quickly as possible every day.
Singapore wives support their partners through everything, no questions asked and without any second thoughts.

Where to Find a Singapore Girl for Marriage?

A foreign guy in search of a hot Singapore wife has two options: to travel to Singapore or to use online dating. And there is no doubt that the latter option is the most convenient, effective, and budget-friendly one. As long as you choose the right dating service, you can end up with your ideal Singapore woman in no time.

How to Date Singapore Women for Marriage?

The great thing about Singapore women is that they are unpretentious and great communicators, so they will smoothly guide you as you build your relationship. Still, a few tips will never hurt:

  1. Put some thought and effort into planning your dates, donโ€™t just rely on the same old tactics youโ€™ve always used.
  2. Try to get to know her friends and family as soon as possible, making sure they get the right impression of you.
  3. Step by step, assure your bride that you will always have your back and she can rely on you whenever she needs.

Is There a Language Barrier With Singapore Wives?

No, there is not going to be any language barrier whatsoever. English is one of the official languages in Singapore, so any woman you meet will have at least an intermediate grasp of English, allowing for smooth and exciting communication.

How Much Do Singapore Brides Cost?

While itโ€™s impossible and illegal to buy a Singapore wife, meeting Singapore women for marriage is an experience that does not come for free. There isnโ€™t a fixed price either โ€” your overall expenses will include the money you spend at different stages of your journey:

  • Meeting Singapore singles online using international dating sites costs from $50 to $300 per month, depending on how much youโ€™re using them.
  • Going to Singapore to meet your bride in real life costs about $4,000 for a two-week trip, provided that you are going to pay for everything from tickets to taxis.

Are Marriages With Singapore Wives Legal?

Yes, absolutely! Marriage between foreigners is legal both in the US and in Singapore. In fact, there are more loyal Singapore girls in USA married to American citizens than you probably imagine. The only thing that is different from marrying a local woman is that your Singapore bride will need a special type of visa to legally move to the US called the K-1 visa. Once she has it, you two can get married and spend the rest of your lives together.

Does Age Difference Matter to a Singapore Wife?

Singapore brides are not completely oblivious to the age difference between them and their partners, but they embrace it rather than be alarmed by it. Legit Singapore women for marriage actually prefer their husbands to be several years older, and some even want to go for a bigger age difference of 10+ years. This means that finding a younger Singapore wife is not going to be a problem.

How to Avoid Risks When Looking for Singapore Brides Online?

Meeting beautiful Singapore singles online is perfectly safe as long as you use the right dating sites to find them, and we can definitely help you with it. Other than that, itโ€™s a good idea to use standard online dating precautions, including:

  • Not sharing any of your private information, such as your workplace or exact address, with strangers on the internet;
  • Noticing common red flags, such as the woman asking you to send money or barely sharing any information about herself while trying to find out as much as possible about you.
  • Blocking and reporting other members in case you notice any suspicious activity.

Bottom Line

A Singapore girl for marriage is everything you are looking for in a life partner. She is pretty but not arrogant, thoughtful but not overly emotional, and family-oriented but doesnโ€™t lose herself in family life. The sooner you start your journey to find yourself a Singapore bride, the sooner your happily ever after can begin. And we have all the resources you need to make your search a successful one.

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