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Mail Order Brides from Sweden

If you are looking for the largest catalog of Swedish girls and men, you are in the right place. 2-Brides is a trusted resource that includes only real profiles of Swedish brides and grooms. Take a peek at the profiles and feel free to start communicating with singles who pique your interest!

Mail Order Brides from Sweden
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Swedish Mail Order Bride Catalog 2024

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Julia, 34
Kiev, Ukraine
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Karyna, 30
Minsk, Belarus
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Julia, 26
Krasnoyarsk, Russia
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Kateryna, 35
Kharkiv, Ukraine
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Vita, 23
Kiev, Ukraine
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Alena, 39
Odesa, Ukraine
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Anna, 21
Kiev, Ukraine
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Alika, 36
Kharkiv, Ukraine
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Elena, 18
Khmel'nyts'kyy, Ukraine
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Lyudmila, 26
Dnipropetrovsk, Ukraine
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Yaroslava, 25
Saint Petersburg, Russia
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Alina, 37
Odesa, Ukraine
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Swedish brides are the unique combination of beauty and intellect, which feels so magnetic for Western men. If youโ€™re also interested in hot Sweden mail order brides, we suggest this comprehensive review describing the best ways to get a wife from Sweden.

Women population in Sweden5.22 million
Average marriage age33.9 y.o.
Success rate in dating Sweden brides87%

Top Facts About Sweden Brides

What does a typical Sweden mail order bride look like? If you want to understand whether a Sweden wife is your type of woman, the following facts will help you to make a choice:

  • Beautiful Swedish mailorder brides are well-educated, and the following facts prove that. Local women make up over 234,000 of the students in higher education, while men make up 149,000.
  • The standards of beauty in Sweden are among the most natural. Most Swedish women for marriage have flat stomachs, and 78% of ladies from this region have natural blonde hair.
  • Young Swedish women are known for leading active lifestyles and enjoying outdoor physical activity, mostly because of Swedenโ€™s geological location.

What Makes a Swedish Woman the Best Wife?

Sweden women for marriage are considered some of the best partners, and there are explanations for this fact. The following list describes the pros of marrying a Sweden lady:

  • A woman from this nation is open-minded. It is an amazing experience to have a Sweden wife who is interested and adaptable to your views and traditions.
  • She is energetic and ready for common activities. Swedish wives are known for leading active lifestyles and enjoying outdoor physical activity with their partners.
  • A Sweden wife is responsible in a marriage. You wonโ€™t have to wait for her investment into your common welfare, as a Sweden lady always offers her part.

How to Find a Swedish Bride?

If you are wondering where to look for single Swedish mail order brides, we suggest a couple of working methods that are popular nowadays:

  • Using online dating sites with Sweden wives
  • Arranging a trip to Sweden
  • Asking for help in mail order bride services

Of course, planning a visit to Sweden will, in any case, require considerable spending and time, so it will be challenging, especially for men busy with their work. That is why we recommend using reputable online dating sites as an alternative, as they suggest a large dating pool of pretty Swedish women together with a comprehensive feature set to make dating as much effective as in real life.

How to Date Swedish Women?

Dating a Swedish mail order bride is exciting and somewhat relaxed, as local singles prefer a simple talk first, and the possibility of discovering more about the partner without planning dates at the beginning. The following tips will help you when dating Sweden girls for marriage:

  • Show your interest and curiosity towards your lady
  • Talk about your interests and hobbies
  • Do not make haste to call her your girlfriend
  • Be honest and straightforward with her

Is There a Language Barrier with Sweden Brides?

In most cases, youโ€™ll face no language barrier with your Swedish bride, because English is typically spoken among Swedish people. It is explained by the fact that, except for official languages, English classes are obligatory for all students in this country. That is why the vast majority of women from Sweden can fluently express their thoughts in English and completely understand their partners.

Does Age Difference Matter to Swedish Brides?

Most mail-order brides from Sweden are not particularly concerned about the potential partnerโ€™s age. They put more priority on his intentions and the ability to make her happy, respect her, and take responsibility for their future. Given these facts, you shouldnโ€™t worry about your age, but instead, show your feelings and commitmentโ€”these are the more effective ways to win the heart of a Swedish woman.

How Much Do Sweden Mail Order Brides Cost?

To calculate the approximate cost of a Swedish bride, we take online as well as offline expenses, including tickets and spending for a stay in your potential brideโ€™s country. For those wishing to bring the Swedish mail order wife to the US, paying for a visa is also obligatory. Let us summarize these spendings in the following list:

  • The subscription on mail order bride sitesโ€”$500 to $1,000, depending on how long you used the service
  • Round-trip flight tickets to Swedenโ€”$600 to $900
  • A one-week stay in Swedenโ€”$2,001
  • Paying for a K-1 visa feeโ€”$2,025

Are Marriages with Swedish Brides Legal?

If you are concerned with the question of the legality of your future marriage with a Swedish wife, weโ€™re here to dispel these doubts. One condition you should keep if you want to marry your Swedish woman and bring her to the United States is obtaining the K-1 fiancรฉe visa necessary for a legal marriage in the country. Then, you get an opportunity to accomplish your goal with all the legal regulations.ย 

Except for this, the International Marriage Broker Regulation Act (IMBRA) exists to additionally regulate the work of mail-order bride services.

How to Avoid Risks When Searching for Swedish Brides?

If we talk about the security of reputable Irish Swedish order bride sites we suggest, the main measures to protect members are met, of course. However, no online dating platform can guarantee 100% safety because there are factors dependent on users only. To stay protected, you should keep to the simple tips:

  1. Do not share personal and financial data with anyone
  2. Stay in contact with confirmed users only
  3. Never send your money to other members
  4. Avoid opening suspicious linksย 
  5. Be informed about the latest cyber dangers


If you decide that a loyal Swedish mail order bride is your type of woman and you are ready for new common adventures and experiences, we suggest you start with legit and trustworthy online dating services that we provide in this article. Just create your profile on a mail-order bride website and start meeting numerous ladies of Swedish origin without leaving your home.

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