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Jamaican Mail Order Brides

Seeking a tropical getaway and a beautiful partner to create a rapport with? Jamaica is home to many beautiful women who embody a positive outlook, a love of life, and voluptuous body shapes. Jamaican brides know how to surprise their partners and make their lives as vibrant as possible. Would you like to discover more about these stunning ladies? Check out the comprehensive guide we compiled for you to get closer to pretty Jamaican girls.

Jamaican Mail Order Brides
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Women population in Jamaica1.52M
Average marriage age33.2 years old
Success rate in dating Jamaican brides98%

Top Facts About Jamaican Mail Order Brides

Before plunging into the world of beautiful Jamaican singles, learn some facts about locals to better understand your future partner.

  1. You can find either black or white wife in Jamaica. The genetic pool in the country is so diverse, so it is possible to find a woman to your taste.
  2. The divorce rate in Jamaica is pretty low. Loyal Jamaican women for marriage are all about compromises and open-ended talks with their significant other.
  3. The average fertility rate in the country is 1.903. The chances are you will have more than one child with your future spouse.

What Makes a Jamaican Woman the Best Wife?

If you are looking for a wife, Jamaica is the perfect spot to find a faithful, kind, and sincere lady. What other features make these women the best partners for foreigners? Letโ€™s find out!

  • Foreign Jamaican women are extremely approachable. Hot Jamaican singles are easy to get to know. These ladies have a very approachable and laid-back vibe, which makes them flexible partners.
  • Local girls are creative and active. Want to make your life more vivid? Then you will definitely need to tie knots with single Jamaican girls. They have a unique perspective on life, seeing beauty in art, music, dance, festivals, parties, and travel.
  • Ladies from this country are reliable partners. Indeed, you can trust your Jamaica bride, whatever the situation is. It is in the blood of local girls to be devoted wives and decent partners to share life with.

Where to Find a Jamaican Wife?

It is not necessary to find your wife Jamaica offline. There is no need to book tickets and travel to another country since nowadays there are numerous possibilities for dating Jamaican singles. The most effective way to meet your soulmate in this country is online dating. Once you approach reputable dating sites, you will be able to find your significant other within several clicks. With the help of search filters, it is possible to choose the right Jamaican lady who will live up to all your expectations. By the way, you can browse profiles of pretty Jamaican mail order brides on our site and contact someone who piques your interest in a matter of several seconds.ย 

How to Date Jamaican Women for Marriage?

Learn how to impress the best Jamaican singles online and the things it is better to avoid when creating a rapport with these beautiful ladies.

  • Praise your potential partner with compliments that highlight her appearance and outfit.
  • Say that you are going to take a couple of dance classes to have a passionate dance with her during your meeting.
  • Treat your lady like a queen. Jamaican wives expect a healthy dose of romance and cherish their own dignity.
  • Even though Jamaican women are flexible, they will hate it if you compare them with your previous relationships.
  • When you first start dating, do not push for closeness. It will pull away your significant other.
  • Donโ€™t pretend to be someone you arenโ€™t. Your Jamaican bride will quickly recognize fakes, so donโ€™t even try to fool her.

Is There a Language Barrier with Jamaican Brides?ย 

Although Jamaican Patois (also spelled Patwa or Patwah) is the countryโ€™s colloquial language, English is the official language and is taught in schools. This is a West African-influenced Creole language with an English foundation. This means that you wonโ€™t have a language barrier when you date Jamaican girls.ย 

How Much Do Jamaican Mail Order Brides Cost?

If you want to meet Jamaican girls, feel free to save some money for your dating adventure. Here is a list of what you may spend money on once you decide to buy Jamaican singles.ย 

  • Exchanging messages on dating websitesโ€”$150 per month
  • Using extended functionality such as video chats, phone calls, uploading media files, etc.โ€”$200 per month
  • A flight to Jamaicaโ€”$1,000 for a two-way ticket
  • Hotel in Jamaicaโ€”$60 per nightย 
  • Taxi servicesโ€”$100, taking into account you will stay in the country for 2 weeks
  • Entertainmentโ€”$500
  • Giftsโ€”$300
  • K-1 visaโ€”$2,300
  • Flight tickets for your future wifeโ€”$500
  • Weddingโ€”$10,000

Are Marriages with Jamaican Brides Legal?

If you want to marry a Jamaican bride, you will need to understand that your marriage requires following some rules and laws to be legit. Check out some aspects to bear in mind.ย 

  • To enter the US, your future spouse will need to apply for a fiance visa.
  • It is necessary to provide evidence that your love affair is real.ย 
  • Before submitting a visa application, a couple must have been together for two years.
  • You will have 90 days from the time your lady enters the US to get married and give the local authorities a marriage certificate.ย 

Does Age Difference Matter to Jamaican Brides?ย ย 

The majority of Jamaican brides believe that it doesnโ€™t matter the difference in age, as long as love is involved. They can engage in relationships with both younger and older men and donโ€™t mind the age gap. So, if you want to find Jamaican women of younger age, feel free to find someone online.ย 

How to Avoid Risks When Dating Jamaican Brides?

Want to make your dating experience exciting and hassle-free? Check out how to avoid risks when dating foreign girls online.ย 

  1. Approach only legit Jamaican mail order bride websites in order not to fall into the trap of scammers.
  2. Donโ€™t exchange your contact information to maintain your privacy.
  3. Avoid transferring money to anyone you meet online.
  4. Switch between multiple means of communication on a dating site to see your potential partner face-to-face.


Are you ready to create a romance with one of the beautiful Jamaican mail order brides? Itโ€™s your chance to start a love story from a blank canvas right here. Check out the profiles on our site and undergo a quiz to find your soulmate without any hassles.

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