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Nigerian Mail Order Brides

No wonder that girls from Nigeria have all it takes to develop strong bonds with foreigners: world-minded views, inspirational energy, and perkiness. If you want to commit to a loyal Nigerian girl for marriage, you should try out online datingโ€”the direct tool for robust international commitment.

Nigerian Mail Order Brides
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Average marriage age25
Average cost of a Nigerian bride$4,000-$8,000
Success rate in dating Nigerian brides93%

Top Facts about Nigerian Brides

  1. Pretty Nigerian single ladies for marriage are avidly looking for foreign spouses. Moreover, a great number of women are aiming to marry American spouses. In 2021, around 252 Nigerians obtained a K-1 visaโ€”the legal document that allows you to legally marry an American resident.
  2. Nigerian wives donโ€™t rush to move in with partners, as they essentially want to get to know them better at first. It may take around a year or two of dating Nigerian girls before settling down with them.
  3. Around 15.7% of Nigerian girls were married before the age of 15. Contemporary women despise this and seek out foreigners to escape the early marriage with the older males.
  4. Around 30.3% of females in Nigeria take managerial positions.

What Makes a Nigerian Woman the Best Wife?

The best Nigerian wives stand out with amazing traits, whereas they:ย 

Learned to Cope with Problems Peacefully Throwing tantrums or getting overly emotional is not about pretty Nigerian ladies. On the contrary, they discuss the problem, estimate all the pros and cons, and look for the right decisions with their loved ones. Local females see no sense in getting extra about an issue because it wonโ€™t solve the problem. All you need is an action.
Learned to Respect Their Loved Ones Loyal Nigerian women prioritize respect over affection when it comes to serious relationships. What does it mean? It entails treating your husband as an equal partner who has the right to his thoughts and desires. It entails no harsh criticism or humiliation, but on the contrary, it implies a kind attitude toward the person who lives with you.
Learned to Stay Loyal and Honest Adultery is frowned upon among many Nigerian women mail order brides, particularly in committing relationships. It encompasses flirtationships and situationships with strangers as well. Nigerian wives avoid using any jealousy-provoking manipulations just to โ€œresurrectโ€ the feelings.
Learned to Raise Healthy Childrenย  Raising the kids is not treated as an obligation or a social narrative lulled on Nigerian women. By contrast, local brides yearn to give birth and take care of another human being because itโ€™s one of their most profound goals.

Where to Find a Nigerian Bride?

Finding a Nigerian wife on a dating site is an effective, convenient, and safe tool to alter your love life. Moreover, a 2-brides will:ย 

  • Open up the world of verified profiles of single Nigerian girls for marriage and serious relationships.
  • Give you a chance to chat with versatile women via captivating services.
  • Allow you to set the actual date with any woman you match and build a connection with.

How to Date Nigerian Women?

  • Hit secret getaways, pull off engaging dates, and do everything that seems new and exciting to both of you.
  • Get along with her family and friends. Ensure you take some gifts with you when traveling to her country.
  • Prioritize her over your friends and family as now she may become one of the most essential persons in your life.
  • Give her enough personal space for her life choices and encounters.
  • Donโ€™t control every step of hers along with what sheโ€™s wearing and whoโ€™s she meeting with.
  • Donโ€™t be late on dates.
  • Make sure you pay the bills for the dates. Beautiful Nigerian ladies usually donโ€™t expect to go Dutch.
  • Donโ€™t humiliate her or scold her for her mistakes. Sheโ€™s just a human. Listen, understand, and support.

A nice tip for you: settle on the date when you will be enjoying a brand-new activity together. For example, you both could take horseriding classes or try out a perfume-making class.ย 

Is There a Language Barrier with Nigerian Brides?ย 

You donโ€™t have to stumble upon any language issues with a hot Nigerian girl for marriage. Hereโ€™s another engaging fact: Nigeria is one of the largest English-speaking countries. Locals offer fluent talking skills, which helps them travel a lot, build international connections, and arrange mixed marriages with foreigners.ย 

How Much Do Nigerian Mail Order Brides Cost?

You should expect to pay for the following things which affect the cost of a loyal Nigerian bride:ย 

Online Costsย 

Itโ€™s your talking time on the dating service. You pay for:

  • Emails and live chatsโ€”$200-$250.
  • Video or audio callsโ€”$400-$460.
  • Virtual and real giftsโ€”$100+.
  • The request for the datesโ€”$250.

Offline Costs

These costs include your trip to Nigeria after forming strong connections with a lovely Nigerian lady:

  • The two-way ticket from the USA to Nigeriaโ€”$1,000-$1,950.
  • Hotel for twoโ€”$900-$1,200
  • Transportationโ€”$250-$400.
  • Food and drinksโ€”$300-$350.
  • Other activitiesโ€”$200+.

A K-1 visa

If you want to marry a Nigerian girlfriend, she will have to receive a K-1 visa. This document will cost $3,000-$4,000.ย 

Are Marriages with Nigerian Brides Legal?

Yes, marriages with Nigerian single ladies for marriages are completely legal. The easiest way to marry a woman from Nigeria is to apply for the fiancรฉe of a K-1 visa. This official document will permit you both to legally get married in the States within the first 90 days of your brideโ€™s arrival.ย 

Does Age Difference Matter to Nigerian Brides?

If you meet Nigerian ladies on dating sites or in actual life, you will notice that age gaps play no role for them whatsoever. Usually, Nigerian women are searching for kind, caring, and determined guys who know what they want from relationships.

Also, such beauties are fascinated by those men who maintain a healthy body along with balanced mental well-being.ย 

How to Avoid Risks When Searching for Nigerian Brides?

If youโ€™re eager to eliminate the effects of catfishers and scammers on the love platforms, you should follow these 3 steps:ย 

  1. Verify your profile and reach out to verified Nigerian usersโ€”this is your direct way of connecting to real people.ย 
  2. Spot the scammer: if she asks for money, sheโ€™s a scammer; if she asks for private information, she is likely a scammer; if she avoids video communication, she may be a catfisher.ย 
  3. Contact support if you spot the scammer so that they can block the member immediately.ย 


The time-honored tradition of mixing up with foreigners is highly popular among blissful Nigerian brides. You can meet these gems on reputable sites and reach out to compatible users by incorporating advanced search filters.

Dating Nigerian women for marriage is a pleasant process and marrying them is a life-winning decision. Reinforce bonds with hot Nigerian ladies on top-notch dating platforms today.

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